Jesse Santana : 21 Films

21 Films
Nom d'artiste:Jesse Santana
Profession:Porn Star
Origine ethnique:Caucasian - American
Couleur des yeux:Hazel
Couleur de cheveux:Brown
Pénis: Circoncis
Pilosité:Some hair
Rôle sexuel:Versatile
Supplémentaire:Southern boy Jesse Santana has the kind of ass that no one can stop looking at and everyone wants to plow. He’s 5’8” with pierced nipples, a Prince Albert piercing, and tattoos on his arm and his hip. He started in porn in 2006 with and then went on to work with Falcon Studios and Channel One Releasing. Eventually Jesse Santana signed one of the rare dual exclusive contracts with Jet Set men and While he does top (rarely), in 2008 he won the Grabby Award for the hottest bottom and was nominated for multiple GayVN awards.